Join our team of expert educators and teachers who are professionally trained to operate and understand the Importance of Creating a Digital Classroom and application. At Reeii, we believe that a smart classroom is where the amalgamation of technology and knowledge is expanding together. Here is a teacher’s guide for Reeii teacher’s hiring project, where we provide unlimited engaging multimedia teaching content and more.

Smart classrooms by Reeii are designed and enhanced to promote accelerated teaching and learning possibilities in every school! By building a no-cost digital learning technology in each school across the world, we desire to provide each teacher to access smart class with specialized software, assistive listening devices, and audio/visual techniques.

Being A Teacher At REEII

Teaching at Reeii is interesting when every subject has unlimited engaging multimedia teaching content to teach from. The term ‘Creating Digital Content For Teaching’ in teaching reflects great importance while adopting a productive method of teaching through smart classes. It has been used to define a vast number of aspects, covering a large number of social media and web material. The process of content creation at Reeii Smart classes has become as smooth as ever with the help of a single click of the screen to get vast multimedia for reference. Teachers can create notes with just taking pictures and using traditional subject notes in the process. The specialized software at REEII is also equipped with effortless storing, accessing, and sustaining of teaching content. The interactive display of PowerPoint Presentation creates a path for effective teaching and learning in the classrooms.

Helping Schools in Covid

The whole world has economically and socially faced a major downfall in every sector in the COVID-19 era. The education industry, being one of the most prominent ones, has come under the weightage of the situation as well. Schools are shut, and not able to get sufficient income. Many schools are on the verge of shutting down permanently due to this situation. At REEII, our target to help such schools worldwide and provide them a lending hand in every way possible. Donors from all around the world are gathered to contribute to this noble cause and to make this free school automation project a success.

Let' Talk about Reeii and Our Contribution With Free Education

The project Reeii was initiated a decade ago, to provide quality aiding to small schools across the world, to contribute scholarship opportunities, to fill up the system loopholes, and to distribute free educational tablets to scholar students. In the past few years, the program has drastically expanded with the tireless and constant efforts of our team. Over 3000 schools have been taken under project Reeii for free smart classroom installation services, infrastructure development, and more. We are proud to declare that this noble action has been gaining constant pace since the time of its launch by helping thousands of schools.

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