What does Reeii Education do?

What does Reeii Education do?

What Does Reeii Education Do

Reeii education aims to revolutionise the education system. Bring changes in the Indian education system which will be for the betterment of students and improve the quality of education for them. We at Reeii believe that everyone should have access to education as it will make their future. So with Reeii education, we want to support and provide resources which are causing a hindrance for students to access quality education.


  • Provide scholarships
  • Equip schools with Technology
  • Support underprivileged
  • Assistance to schools
  • Support Teachers

Provide scholarships

A little push can be a big jump! Have you at any point wanted to accomplish something that you were really passionate about? Ever had an inclination that by embracing specific passion, you can change your life for good?Have you at any point had an opportunity to get into a specific field or calling that you were really inclined towards? All of us has our own interests and fields of interest that we might want to do in our life. Consider the possibility that you got a push at the correct moment in your life. Consider the possibility that you were given a lift that could assist you in making sure about your future in the field that you are really passionate about.This is what Reeii scholarships are for; a morale-boosting push that can help you propel yourself into the annals of creative freedom and true self-worth in the area of career professions. There are various manners by which our scholarships have been customized to guarantee that every student benefits from this pivotal push during their educational journeys, according to their personal aspirations. Significance of Scholarships is a wonder that needs consideration among students as well as our society which have the capacity and the duty to bring societal development.At the same, more than just recognizing their achievements, Reeii scholarships will act as positive support for the students, thus giving them the inspiration to perform better next time and improve themselves incrementally. This can end up being a great lift for the student when he/she searches for an open door in the field of education.

Equip schools with Technology

Reeii believes that technology is causing education to improve over time and providing better opportunities for students to improve their future. Technology if used correctly can be a huge asset for education.With Project Reeii we want to equip schools with technological tools that will help them in the learning process. We will support schools with Reeii smart class which is high tech technology to modernize the education system. Reeii smart class will make students and active part of the learning process rather than just being passive and listening to students. It will make them more interested in studies and improve their academic performance.With Reeii smart class, educators, students and parents have a variety of learning tools at their fingertips Teacher can use it to provide a pool of information available and it will help them to make teaching more interactive It will help students to develop valuable research skills at a young age. Technology gives students direct access to an abundance of quality knowledge which leads to learning at much quicker rates than before.Students and teachers have access to an expanse of material. Reeii smart class will have quality material, wifi resources and it uses the advanced AI technology which will make easier for students to grasp the concepts and also make it easier for teachers to teach students by using visuals examples. Through project Reeii we will give tablets to the best performers of classes in schools. Tablets will help them study at home and open many doors of information for them. This will also encourage students to focus on their studies.

Making a difference in education

Reeii endeavours to guarantee that even the weakest kids in shelters can understand their visions and break the endless loop of poverty, through its interventions which Empower Children, Improve the education system, and Enable the Sector. Project Reeii will provide educational and mentoring support and help build the children’s emotional health. We want to make a difference in the way education is perceived. We all know the importance of education but we as a society don’t value that importance and Reeii want to make people aware of the impact of education, which will motivate more people to acquire education and improve the situation of education in India.We’ll together help kids get a better education by:
  • Providing excellent teaching and learning materials
  • Dispersion of school supplies and books
  • Training for youngsters and communities to forestall and react to gender-based discrimination in schools, and backing for girls to progress to and complete secondary school
  • Aptitudes preparing to help young people in accomplishing educational and life objectives
  • Educational help for kids in fragile and crisis settings
  • Equipping them with technological advancement.

Support underprivileged

Poverty is undoubtedly one of the major concerns in India. Lack of education is the one the main causes of it. At present, around 30 per cent of our populace is dwelling beneath the poverty line and these individuals can’t meet their essential necessitiesThrough Reeii education we want to uplift the unprivileged section in both urban and rural areas. Underprivileged kids lose their capacity to have a regular childhood. They aren’t fit for growing emotionally, physically and socially. Also, research has indicated that they are bound to be discouraged, have low confidence and not getting an education and bad health. As these kids grow up, they are less likely to add to society since they probably won’t have the option to hold a steady and great paying employment. Rather than working, they are forced to earn through the wrong means to meet ends.The donations at Reeii will be used in providing resources, scholarships, technological help to underprivileged sections of society and provide them with better education which will help them in building a bright future. But one often thinks why should they spend their hard-earned money to potentially impact the life of a child that they don’t even know? Everyone has bills to pay and maybe even their own children to support. One feels that their little contribution would possible have no lasting impact. That’s a wrong perception. Even a small donation you make can work towards helping a child. If everyone donates a little then, then eventually we would have enough to bring a big change.

Assistance to schools

We at Reeii understand the role of good health in education. With the current difficult times, good health has become a priority. So we aim to provide assistance to schools which can be used as medical aid so that education is not hampered. It will take the burden of students and teachers.All your donations will be directly contributed to schools and help them in improving their experience of education. Schools can use the donation for different purposes in the school like providing medical aid, improving infrastructure and other areas. Student’s health and well being are very important. In today’s time, students are subjected to a lot of pressure, which affects their mental and physical health. In these times, with an ongoing pandemic, health’s importance is highlighted. For students to study and receive education their emotional, mental, and physical well being is extremely important. It is essential to create a safe, healthy, and learning environment. Reeii will provide aid to as many schools as possible so that students can focus more on their education without any hindrance due to external factors.

Support Teachers

In these tough times, teachers are going through major problems especially unemployment. Due to lockdown schools are shut and so schools are also facing financial crunch and so teachers are losing their jobs in schools. Teachers are the base of the education system. Good teaching can bring a major change in the learning environment.Currently, Reeii is supporting 1000 schools all over India and by the end of 2020, we will be supporting over 10,000 schools across India. This will create more jobs for teachers and boost their careers. With Reeii reaching more schools we will be offering jobs to about 15000 teachers for Reeii education. These well-qualified teachers will enhance the quality of education for students and provide them with a better learning experience.

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