Prominent teaching tools and infrastructure

Prominent teaching tools and infrastructure

Prominent Teaching Tools And Infrastructure

Inculcation gives us an erudition of the world around us and transmutes it into something preponderant. It develops in us a perspective of visually examining life. It avails us to build opinions and have perspectives on things in life. People debate over the subject of whether inculcation is the only thing that gives erudition. Reeii facilitates prominent teaching tools and infrastructure for all the collaborated schools in the country and worldwide.

Some verbalize edification is the process of gaining information about the circumventing world while erudition is something very different. They are right. But then again, information cannot be converted into cognizance without inculcation. Edification makes us capable of interpreting things, among other things. It is not just about edifications in textbooks. It is about the edifications of life. One thing that Reeii can do is, to provide inculcation for all: no child left behind and transmute the world for good!!

Poverty: Barrier in education

For many pupil who still do not have any access to inculcation, it is eminent because of persisting inequality and marginalization.

 There is no access for the students to fundamental edification because of inequalities that originate in sex, health and cultural identity (ethnic inception, language, religion). These children find themselves on the margins of the edification system and do not benefit from learning that is vital to their astute and gregarious development.

Infrastructure with reeii

At Reeii, Education is our Social Responsibility. Before starting with the project reeii we have conducted deep market research and found that Education system in India is lacking behind in conceptual learning and skill development implementation so to overcome this situation we came up with this project reeii to provide world-class free education to meet the needs of all the students who are ambitious and want to do something big in their upcoming future. 

Reeii raise the funds from the public to help the students in their academics. We provide scholarships to meritious students to boost their confidence and skills. 

A part from scholarships, we provide the schools free smart classes so that the students can avail the benefits of the advancement in technology. Also, we are looking forward to improve the pathetic conditions of the classrooms. We found that in many schools that the classrooms are not having the proper lighting system and students have to study in dark and dull environment. The walls of the classrooms are not even whitewashed and are very bad in condition. 

Recently we have improved the infrastructure by providing the free smart classes to the schools so that  they can have a better learning experience and could upgrade their knowledge and skills. Also, we strongly believe that “Education is the golden key to unlock the door of success”.We want every student should be educated and unlock the door of success in their lives. 

Now, we are looking forward to improve the pathetic conditions of the school’s infrastructure so that students could get the healthy environment to study. In this we need your support this can become possible by your contribution only. 

Prominent teaching tools 

Reeii Smart class

We provide world-class education classrooms Teaching in classrooms with a whiteboard, chalk, and markers are now a thing of the past, and edifiers have shifted to making utilization of projectors, VCD, DVD players and eLearning system to exhibit tutorial videos and short sessions online to avail understand that learning can be frolicsome additionally. 

At Reeii, in the upcoming future, we see many schools turning their whiteboards into digital screens with just a blink of an eye. Many schools using reeii have now come with a TV or a projector affixed to their whiteboard where it is facile to shift from a mundane classroom session to an interactive digital session with reeii. This makes studies entertaining due to which students pay more attention as we are now in the digital era where Google is our go-to place. 

Teaching content

Reeii provides you the free world-class Teaching content which includes video tutorials that helps the student to have a better understanding of their lessons. The  tutorials which reeii provide you are the comprehensive teaching videos that are made by the best team of teachers. 

The influence of digital videos on our everyday culture is incontrovertible. 

With digital videos perpetuating to gain popularity, it seems only natural that this familiar and widespread platform elongates into the inculcation setting.

Students today are utilizing edifying videos as an implement for learning everything from transmuting a tire to the latest dance craze. Remarkably, futuristics make up 92% of the digital video viewing audience. Abstract topics that once seemed arduous to edify and learn are now more accessible and understandable thanks to the availability of injunctive videos.

Studies have shown that the utilization of short video clips sanctions for more efficient processing and recollection recall. The visual and auditory nature of videos appeals to a wide audience and sanctions each utilizer to process information in a way that’s natural to them.

MCQ test to check knowledge

Training students on subjects by conducting fun online tests from time to time can engender a good learning environment for them with reeii. Students can be given online quizzes and assessments that they can take from home, superseding general homework that they find excuses for becoming facilely disinterested in the topic.  Keeping students fascinated throughout a lecture is an art and an aptitude that edifiers need to have, to benefit from the entire edifying-cognition process. The students who are engaged in seminars and the lectures must involve, two-way communication

Allen Tablets to students

Reeii also provides the allen tablets to the students who perform good in academics. 

This encourages the students for the further studies. 


It is conspicuous that the aspect of reeii smart classrooms is a positive move in the edification system. Teachers can Engender Notes From Old Textbooks, Click Image And Utilize It For Edifying, Use Internet Images Illimitable Edifying resources Show Ebooks: Images, Vid Neos, Digital Notes, Use Wireless Implements To Edify. After the competition of the chapters, we organize the MCQ test so that the teachers could get to know how much concept does a student has understood. It provides you the opportunity to learn with fun!

 Now, students don’t need to carry heavy bags overloaded with books and other studying materials as reeii classroom provides digital study material. Utilizing AI in reeii classrooms avails edifiers in explicating the things preponderant. It is within the reach of every student as it is unique. Students can increment their performance, heedfully aurally perceiving, and it enlightens the encephalon of students and brings them gloryThe remaining part is the amendment of the efficacy of astute classrooms to cater to emerging learning needs and the transmuting rate of technology. 

Your education is our responsibility so we provide you this smart class for rupee 1. Today’s youth are the future of tomorrow, so it is very important to educate today’s youth on the development of our country. This was the basic idea of starting our project reeii. 


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