Our Impact Report explains how we help and how we measure our positive impact

The social initiative of project Reeii was originated in 2009 where the motive revolved around creating a non-profit platform to covert traditional, needy schools into a tech-friendly, contemporary path for learners. The sole motive behind project Reeii was to re-create the whole structure of teaching and learning with no cost facilities.

As the project gained pace throughout the years, in 2014, we commenced with distributing free Educational tablets to scholar students and school teachers every year. These educational tablets consist of the most ingenious technology and are build by the innovative efforts of our engineers. For feedback, these were proved to give a remarkably smooth performance and be useful for their purpose.

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15000+ Teachers Onboard For Quality Teaching Services
1000+ Schools Renovated With High-tech system
500000+ Students coming off as smart learners

The project Reeii centers on an in-depth case study of a large number of schools and the education system in India and worldwide, which has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the economic downfall, every sector in the economy has faced the toughest times including the education sector.

Keeping the situation in mind, team Reeii came up with the idea of upgrading all the effected schools and bringing a revolutionized change in the education system for free. So far, we have achieved to enlist more than 10,000 schools and planned to revise their top to bottom outlook, turning them into more technology inclined platforms.

Future Plans And More

We have also hired a large team of teachers to offer first-class teaching services to these schools. As a result, we are influencing the lives of more than 5,00,000 children so far and plan to grow more.

The count is still nowhere near the desired number, as through project Reeii, we want to aspire and reinforce schools globally. Moreover, this whole project will have an ultimate impact on school community empowerment, health, sanitation, and school infrastructure.

The researchers at Reeii has spent quality time in observing work practices in school, their current state, and what changes to bring in for them. The impact so far has come to life after numerous case studies, interviews, as well as formal and informal conversations with school principals and teachers to have a thorough knowledge of their background and current state.