Music nights in schools by Reeii

Music nights in schools by Reeii

In schools, not many students are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities. Parents want their children to only focus on academic performance. Many schools in India due to lack of awareness of the significance of extra cultural activities and lack of resources do not arrange different co-curricular activities for students. Reeii wants to help such schools by organizing different activities for students on campus. One such event organised by Reeii was music nights. It’s part of cultural activities arranged by Reeii. Musical nights were arranged by Reeii to bring joy to students in their schools.

Music event by Reeii

Need for recreational activities at school

“All Work and no Play makes Jack a dull boy” is a famous idiom. 

The importance of this adage has significantly increased in the present relentless and competitive reality where students are constrained by both their parents and the aggregate of society and circumstances, in general, to dedicate expanding hours in academic learning, regardless of whether theoretical or practical and knowledge improving activities so they can remain ahead in the futile daily existence. Add to that the current lifestyle where individuals generally remain in little family units and with guardians working, the reasonability of homes as a spot where students can have recreational time has lessened. 

When we laugh and are feeling acceptable, our immune framework is helped and our pulse is dropping. Fewer colds and medical issues equivalent more opportunity to concentrate on zero interruptions and bother. In the rat race of coming first, schools and parents often overlook the role of recreational activities. Students need to be happy and healthy to progress and gain knowledge. Recreational activities help students in de-stressing, students are subjected to many pressures and today such activities give them time to rejuvenate. Music is also one of the recreation action activities that can be conducted in schools. We at Reeii know the significance of leisure activities and so we organised music nights in assistance with schools. Music can be a great way of releasing stress and also bringing culture to schools. 

Music is also a great way of learning. It is productive yet fun for students. It soothes their nerves and brings them together. All the students of various capabilities and needs can be a part of the music night. Our aim is to give students the missing recreational time and increase their participation in school.

Arranging Music nights in schools by Reeii

In traditional learning, education and learning can get monotonous for students. So, we arranged music nights in school after school hours to break the monotony and bring joy to students. Occasional recreational activities like this improve the academic performance of students and recharge them. We understand that everyone including students need a break from studies, exams, assignments etc and what better way than music. We witnessed a great response from students and they actively participated in the event.

Students sang and listened to songs from various different cultures and regions. They learnt songs in new languages and performed with utmost excitement. India is a country rich in culture and diversity and it’s important for students to know about their regional culture. Music is embedded in our culture, so through music nights by Reeii they learnt and performed with folks of regional culture.

Putting together the musical night was a collaborative effort of students and teachers. Students and teachers got to spend more time together which also enhanced their relationship. To build a school culture it is extremely important for teachers to have a bonding with students. Such events help teachers to get to know students and their capabilities profoundly. Teachers shape students’ minds and if they are aware of their capabilities they can guide and train them better.

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Students from all the classes listened and sang songs during the music night arranged by Reeii. During the preparation of the event, they learn about the importance of teamwork. Teachers can instruct students about teamwork but the practical application of it is during such events. They performed with their peers and it gives them a feeling of togetherness. 

Music night by Reeii

Music night received appreciation from parents as well. Parents could see that children are learning and developing new skills. It brought joy to see their kids performing in front of crowds. Often, the importance of music is neglected by schools. But music is an excellent form of communication and such platforms give students the ability to hone their skills and explore the vast career options for the future.

We helped schools in different technical equipment that were required to arrange the music night. Proper resources change the experience of the event and our aim was to give students the best experience possible. The event brought great excitement and joy to school, teachers and students. 

Perks of music night to students

Music nights by Reeii gave students the confidence to perform in front of a crowd. It is important for students to develop confidence during their schooling years as it helps them in performing better in future. In today’s competitive age, confidence can be a game-changer for students. By performing they develop confidence in their skills as well. Our aim was to give each and every student an equal chance to come forward and shine. 

Through Music nights we gave students a platform to showcase their talent. Many students especially in underprivileged regions have the talent but do not have a stage or way to enhance their talent. Through our event, we saw many talents flourishing and being able to show everyone their capabilities. Students in schools should not feel inferior to their peers due to lack of opportunities. Music night gave them an opportunity to hon their talent.

Reeii believes in the modern way of interactive learning. Through our music night, we increased the engagement of students with schools. The event created a fun learning environment. Students learnt about music, performing, culture etc. Students should be happy in schools or else they cannot focus on their education. Reeii has also organized chess competitions in schools. Such events induce a happy environment in schools.

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