General knowledge quiz by Reeii

General knowledge quiz by Reeii

There are various things that have an impact on a student’s education. From the school’s infrastructure to learning methods contribute to the experience of students in schools. Various activities that are conducted on the school campus contribute to the learning of students. It is important to conduct different activities to make students an active part of the learning process. Activities like quizzes and competitions increase the excitement in students to come to school and prompts a healthy learning surrounding. Reeii strongly believes in the modern approach of interactive learning as opposed to traditional learning. So, we organised a general knowledge quiz in schools.

General knowledge quiz by Reeii

Importance of General knowledge

Reeii strongly believes that in this day and age, general knowledge is critical for a child’s growth and achievement. There are different decisions available for the present generation. The key is to learn and acquire knowledge of various territories. It is especially significant for them to learn past the classroom. Going past academics helps children excel in various zones. A child’s prosperity relies upon the amount the individual in question is learning from the surroundings. 

The data that child acquires and the learning will develop their mental abilities. This directly influences how they perform in school, yet in addition to personal and professional life later. We at Reeii want the best for children. We put all our endeavours and spotlight on doing what is best for them. It is imperative to recognize what general knowledge implies for a child and how would they profit by it. All the knowledge and life skills that child gains will help build their confidence and skills. 

General knowledge plays an enormous role in the holistic development of your child. The learning from essential education becomes his/her solid and tough trunk. A child’s awareness and general knowledge become the branches for a child’s tree. With regards to general knowledge, schools centre primarily around fixed scholastic curriculum and might not necessarily instruct bits like – the purpose for special days, knowing significant facts about the nation, stories from the lives of popular people and different intriguing science facts and so forth. Reeii understands that additional piece of knowledge is past academics, however, is significant. So, we have organized general knowledge quizzes for students on their school campus.

General knowledge quiz by Reeii

Reeii believes that student should have the information about the world that they are living in. They should be aware of their surrounding. Students shouldn’t stay in a bubble oblivious to the information about their country and the entire world in general. General knowledge will make students responsible citizens. Reeii helped schools in arranging general knowledge quiz for students. GK quiz is common and taken in many schools in India. But there are many underprivileged schools, who don’t have adequate resources to conduct such activities. We feel that students should not feel inferior to their peers because of the lack of resources and so Reeii assisted schools in expenses and arranging the General knowledge activity on campus.

The quiz is always a good way of inducing interactive learning in schools. The GK quiz arranged by Reeii witnessed active participation from the students of different classes. Students prepared thoroughly for the quiz and in the process, they learn various new things. Taking quiz makes student excited about learning things which they usually do not excite them that much. The quiz was on various topics from science, history, geography, art, current affairs and other important topics. Arranging general knowledge quiz and other activities on a school in a proper way backed with resources motivates students to participate and learn more about the subjects. They got a goal that they want to achieve. Taking part in the quiz also teaches the student about healthy competition with their peers. It’s important to teach kids at a young age about healthy competition.

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Parents and students were happy with the GK quiz arranged by Reeii. As they could see their kids actively participating in school activities and are also gaining knowledge in the process. We had prizes for the winners of the quiz, which made students happy and worth putting the effort in preparing for the quiz. Such activities increased the confidence and engagement of students. They are even more motivated to be an active part of education in schools. High engagement from students contributes to improving quality fo education provided to them.

GK quiz arranged by Reeii enhances the thinking capabilities of students. Teachers saw a change after the quiz that it increased the interest of students in various subjects. The activity had a positive impact on all the students, as we not only included the participants but the students in the audience as well. By including them in between kept them interested and created a fun learning environment. We believe that students should enjoy the learning process.

How GK quiz arranged by Reeii helped students?

To reinvent the education framework and offer students a reprieve from traditional classroom learning, Reeii believes there is a critical need to resuscitate the quiz culture in schools and colleges. Furthermore, technology can go about as a facilitator by carrying development to quizzes and guaranteeing dynamic interest among students. Other than increasing the knowledge of the students, GK quiz arranged by Reeii helped schools and students in the following way:

Gave an Interactive platform: Today, quizzes are interactive platforms where students are not partaking to bring home value or get popular short-term, yet to pick up knowledge, look for chances to excel past academics and secure their future. 

It Changes the scope of learning: Since questions were based out-of-syllabus and require critical reasoning and broad examination, students adopt imaginative learning. 

It Encouraged teamwork: Students needed to form groups for participating in the quiz, allowing them a chance to sharpen their teamwork skills. 

Overall, arranging such quizzes have a positive impact on the students, it creates an interactive culture in the student’s school life. Another co-curricular event organized was Music nights by Reeii to bring joy to students. In traditional learning, learning could get monotonous at times. Reeii believes by arranging such quiz we can break the monotony in learning and refresh students.

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