Debate competitions by Reeii

Debate competitions by Reeii

Co-curricular activities and competitions play a major role in the intellectual and overall development of a student. They motivate students to learn beyond the academic curriculum and acquire new skills that will help them succeed in the competitive world. Many schools do not have the resources to arrange such activities for their students. With project Reeii, we are helping schools in organizing various beneficial and fun activities for students. Reeii organized Debate competitions to encourage participation in activities. We helped schools in arranging these competitions for various classes and awarding prizes to the winners of these competitions. Reeii has also organized a general knowledge quiz in schools to enhance the capabilities of students.

Debate competitions arranged by Reeii

Debate competition by Reeii

We at Reeii understand the significance of extracurricular activities. These activities give an extra advantage to the students. Such activities contribute to providing quality education for students. Lack of resources should not be the reason for students to feel inferior to others. We organized debate competitions in schools on various different subjects and classes. Students were enthusiastic to participate in the competition and win the prize. The got a break from the monotony and a fun learning environment. Students prepared thoroughly for the topics that were given to them.

Debates enhance the thinking capabilities of students and create a healthy learning environment which is utmost important in schools. We received a massive engagement from students, there was excitement and the will to learn. Teachers helped students prepare for the competition, which enhances the teacher-student relationship and boosts the confidence of students. Through the competition, students got the chance to form and express their views on a particular topic.

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The topics of the debate competitions by Reeii were based on current affairs, social issues, ethics and more. Students usually do not pay heed to these topics but a competition motivates them to learn and be more aware of the topics. Discussing such topics in early age increases awareness in students and prepares them to be responsible citizens of our country. Overall, we received positive feedback from the teachers and parents. Teachers saw a change in the students participating as well the students listening and attending the event.

Debate competition gives a platform to students to express their opinions which creates a healthy and nourishing school culture. A school is a place where the children learn the most while growing up, what they learn in schools shape their thinking as adults. Through such debate competitions, it is extremely important to induce critical thinking in students. Debate competitions arranged by Reeii were appreciated by parents as well, as they were happy that their students were indulging in something productive that hone their skills and helps in developing minds.

Improving communication skills 

We at Reeii, believe Communication is a fundamental need for human beings to sustain in the world. Having great communication skills assumes a significant part in building up the general character or to make an individual effective. The debate is a conversation on a subject on which a few people share their various conclusions, it may very well be positive towards the topic or it tends to be in opposition. Organizing debate competitions gave students the motivation to improve their communication skills. It gave them the confidence to express their views firmly and also honed the skill of public speaking. In this day and age, public speaking has a great significance in the success of students. For overall development of students, such activities are must which prepares them to speak in the public in future.

In the present world, it is exceptionally basic to teach a kid about the outside world. There are various approaches to make them mindful of the external world. These days, kids are generally occupied with innovation and not engaging in real intercommunication. Through debate competitions, we needed to persuade kids to get included and take an interest in debates. These competitions help them to develop self-articulation.

Why should schools have debate competitions?

Debate Competition arranged by Reeii for students was very influential as it helped them to boost their confidence, remove the fear of speaking in public, develop critical thinking, how to think and communicate under pressure.

The primary goal of being a part of the debate is to express yourself in a concise manner so individuals around you comprehend your perspective and your thought process, and should be finished with utilizing the logic that is persuading and successful. Debate competitions organized by Reeii in association with schools help the student in the following ways:

Debate competition by Reeii

It hones critical thinking 

Debate sharpens the critical thinking skills of the students and permits them to examine and investigate the subject matter they have been given. They build up the propensity for not tolerating hidden data. They are authorized to examine those substances which have specific importance and toss out pointless material. It motivates them to investigate what is their thought process and why they think in that specific manner. 

Better understanding 

In the process of debating, students picked up an understanding to have conviction in the things they are stating and have prepared well for the topic. After participating in the debate competition, the communication skill improves and the method of conveying the speech shows signs of improvement in a confident way. 

 Expanded retention 

We believe that the debate is an innovative method of expanding the retention capacity of the students as it is a vivacious and fascinating method of learning which catches the eye of the brain altogether. Subsequently, taking an interest in debates encourages students to recall all that they have learned when it is contrasted with traditional learning. 

 Team bonding and collaboration 

Team bonding and collaboration is something which develops during the debate. Working together in debate helps it to work out in a good way in a smooth way and students partaking in it feel confident and they get support from their team members. It prompts a strong team bonding. 

Persuade to research and learn 

Reeii’s aim to organize debate competitions was to help students in building up their research skills and expand knowledge about a specific topic. At the point when a youngster will represent their points in a debate, they need to prove it with the facts for which they have to research completely. It is significant for them to indulge in research as it sets them up to perform well in their futures. It permits them to examine the outside world other than academics.

Overall, having such activities in schools increases the enrollment in schools which helps schools in providing quality education to their students as they have better resources. Such activities also motivate parents to educate their children.

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