Dance festival by Reeii

Dance festival by Reeii

Reeii strongly believes that students should receive the most exposure during their schooling years. Students should be encouraged to partake in various activities in school. Quality education does not just include academic curriculum but all the other activities that take place in the school contribute to the education of children. We organized a dance festival in schools to increase the engagement of students and bring a change in the school life of students. Dance is a great way of increasing the participation of students in schools as they enjoy the activity.

Dance festival by Reeii

Reeii’s dance festival on the school campus

We arranged a 3-day dance festival in school. Students were extremely excited to participate in the festival. It created an amicable school environment. Students from all the classes performed on different songs. They portrayed different dance forms as well. Students got to know about regional as well as western dance forms. The event received great participation from all the students. The preparation of the event made the students excited and they got to do something different from their usual classwork. 

Dance festival organized by Reeii brought a lot of excitement to both teachers and students. Through the festival, students learnt about different cultures and dance forms. Music brings everyone closer. Such festivals help students in developing new hobbies. Apart from academics, it is very important for students to have hobbies that they love. It expands their creativity and thinking horizon. Everyone the participants and audience enjoyed the festival. 

Many schools wish to arrange such fun events on their campus but lack the financial resources to host such events. Reeii aims to help such schools in organizing co-curricular events to boost the confidence of students. We helped the school with different equipment and costumes required for the performances so that students have an amazing experience. When students perform on stage they get the confidence to present themselves in front of the public which is a great quality for their future.

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The dance festival was a joint effort of students and teachers. They helped students in putting together different performances. This helped teachers in building a relationship with students and they got to know the students better. For effective learning, the teacher-student bond makes a huge difference. Such events make students comfortable with teachers and so teachers can help and train them better.

Dance festival by Reeii garnered appreciation from parents as well. Parents were happy seeing their kids performing. It increased their confidence in schools and their children. Students also gave dance performances of various social issues, it makes the students and the people in the surrounding aware of the social concerns in our society. It develops sensitivity and empathy in students which is essential in today’s world. 

Dance festival by Reeii

Such events educate students about teamwork as well. In the future, they have to work in teams and if this value is inculcated in the early age it will boost their careers. Dance festivals by Reeii promoted schools as well. It makes a good reputation for the school in front of society. It can increase the enrollment of students in schools and motivate more parents to send their children to schools, especially in the rural region.

Why is dance important for students?

Educators and parents urge youngsters to sing and draw, however, the significance of dance is frequently neglected. Reeii believes that acquainting dance with youngsters beginning at a youthful age upholds creativity, socialization, cognitive connections and physical coordination. 

Since dance expressions are boundless, preschoolers discover extraordinary delight in letting free and moving their bodies to music freestyle. As kids develop, more structured and age-suitable exercises are introduced through dance. 

Dance can be difficult both physically and academically. Dance connects with the masterful cycles of making, performing and critical analysis. This requires countless skills, for example, the capacity to understand symbols, execute critical thinking, nonverbal reasoning and articulation, make and trade ideas, work in a joint effort with others, and comprehend the distinctive culture and social orders. We support this analysis and critical thinking in the entirety of our exercises, asking youngsters inquiries like – “would you be able to clarify how you are dancing?” “for what reason did you as your colleagues dance?” “What might you improve?” 

Essential dance skills can influence improvement and progress in every aspect of day by day life as well, so whether it be for a dance vocation to for your general prosperity, dance is significant. On the occasion of expanded pressure, i.e school tests, we trust it is fundamental for kids to proceed, if not increment, their dance classes and measure of time moving. This allows kids to deal with their work, just as take a merited break. 

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Through dance, kids can increase a huge number of significant turns of events; sensory and spatial mindfulness, coordination, concentration and versatility. However, more than this, it can be used to communicate feelings, increment confidence or even just to cause students to feel better! Schools can put an enormous spotlight on academic subjects, remember about the physical! 

Expressions research has demonstrated that students who study dance are more self-spurred, taught and centred. They are more expressive in their correspondence of feelings, musings and sentiments. They can critically dissect their own work and crafted by others, just as being more inventive and creative. 

Due to the major benefits of dance, Reeii wanted to introduce dancing activities in schools through dance festivals. Some of the benefits are:

  • It is a physical action, which is now something that most youngsters need these days 
  • Dance is an engaging type of social outlet, which is the most significant thing with regards to mental and emotional improvement of your child 
  • It improves blood circulation which thusly improves immune framework overall It assists with keeping a fair and sound way of life in general, which makes raising a youngster a ton simpler for a few of us

Dance festival by Reeii positivity in schools and created a good learning environment. It is utmost important that students indulge in various activities during their academics as it rejuvenates them and motivates them to study harder.

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