Connecting with over 10,000 schools

Connecting with over 10,000 schools

Connecting With Over 10,000 Schools

Education plays a crucial role in the development of our country. Quality Education should reach each and every part of India. Project Reeii has tied up with 1000 schools till now and our aim is to partner with 10,000 schools by the end of 2020. We will try to provide different resources and support to as many students as we can across India in both rural and urban areas. We want to reach even the remote areas of India. With help of your contributions, we want to give the students a better experience in the most important aspect of their lives.


  • Current situation of Education in India
  • Taking Reeii education all over India
  • Upliftment of rural areas in India
  • Taking Project Reeii international
  • Providing employment 
  • Supporting the girl child education

Current situation of Education in India

We all know critical education is to shape our lives, it has likewise been a significant issue in our nation. There are a few issues that the Indian education framework is wrestled with. We can’t deny that the Indian government and establishments have been attempting to change the current education model in different ways. Even then, there are as yet a few issues which are required to be dealt with. We have advanced with time; be that as it may, we despite everything have not had the option to move away from rote learning. While we realize that IB schools are changing the education framework at their level, yet we additionally need to comprehend that the populace that goes to IB schools is exceptionally restricted in nature. Not every person can manage the cost of the education framework that they offer.With Reeii education we want to encourage schools to introduce conceptual learning which avoids students to mug up what they are being taught. While this will assist students with understanding the ideas better, they will likewise be able to grasp and apply them better. Instructors have the most significant job in schools and consequently, they ought to be given the best of class preparing. All things considered, they are shaping the eventual fate of the country, the youngsters. Instructors are frequently considered as second guardians. Along these lines, they should be given preparation such that they can be guardians to the kids from their homes. While instructing, they ought to make an amiable and home-like environment where understudies can feel the sympathy and love in the classroom and which would then be able to be reflected in their practices.We as a whole realize we are in the period of the fourth industrial revolution. We are experiencing the renaissance of technology and in such a state, technology and education framework can’t be kept separated. Understudies must be instructed about technology directly from the early long periods of their education with the goal that it doesn’t come like an outsider thing in their later occasions. Project Reeii will encourage schools to embrace technology and education with an open heart and propagate the same to the students as it is there, where their future lies.

Taking Reeii education all over India

Reeii wants to bring a change in the education system in a huge way. For that, it is very important to reach and support schools all over India. By supporting just one sector of society we cant bring a significant change in the education system.We want to reach all the places rural and urban, with different regionalities across India.Our Education System today is facing a lot of issues like lack of funds, improper infrastructure, the low salary of teachers, not enough qualified teachers, lack of resources, lack of quality education material etc. With project Reeii we want to tackle and try to improve different issues in the Indian education system. Our initiatives like Reeii smart class, providing medical aid to students and teacher, helping schools with online qualified teachers will enhance the quality of education and help in solving problems in Indian education.

Upliftment of rural areas in India

Sri Lankan school children in classroom, Sigiriya, Ceylon.
With project Reeii we want to reach out to schools all over India, both rural and urban schools. But rural areas in India are relatively more than urban areas in India. So we want to support them in improving the education qualityOne of the issues the schools in rural India have is really poor infrastructure. There is a colossal absence of educators, particularly very much prepared ones which disturb the student-instructor proportion widely. This results in low quality of education being taught, hardly satisfying the need of education. Reeii education will help them with quality teaching and learning.Despite the fact that we are one country, we still have a rural-urban gap in each perspective and education also falls in that circle. There are various examinations which have exhibited a wide gap coming in the middle of rustic and urban education. The holes can be seen in different manners. The method of instructing likewise varies in urban schools. While the instructing procedure in provincial schools is as yet crude, urban schools are excited about embracing present-day methods of encouraging like idea learning and spotlight on the general improvement of the understudy.With the clear decline of the rural economy, the conviction has made progress that education will be the way out of a scrimped and shaky job on the ranch. Propelled by this expectation, provincial kids have rushed to schools. The majority of them are original students. It’s a colossal social experiment wherein provincial guardians over the land have invested intensely, letting their youngsters concentrate well past the age when they had themselves joined the workforce. Before long, this young generation will move on from secondary schools and universities—and afterwards, they will find that there are not many steady employment opportunities. It’s a calamity already in the works, a bluff from which many may fall. Reeii education will work towards this issue and improve the lives of as many students as possible.

Taking Project Reeii international

We have a far vision for the project Reeii. After it’s success in India and reaching as many schools in different sections of India. We want to take this initiative overseas. There are many nations in the world that do not have an adequate education system. There is a need for upliftment in these countries.Education is a significant aspect that plays a gigantic job in the cutting edge, industrialized world. Individuals need a decent education to have the option to make due in this serious world. Current society depends on individuals who have high expectations for everyday comforts and information which permits them to implement better answers for their issues.We at Reeii understand the impact of education in the society and how education can bring change into the lives of people in economic, social and personal aspects. So our aim is to help and support countries lacking a quality education system for the growth of the country.

Providing employment 

Reeii wants to reach over 10,000 schools by the end of 2020. This initiative will create employment in the education sector. With over 10,000 schools we will be working with 15000 teachers all across India. We want to support educators who are the flag bearers of the education system. Quality education comes with quality teaching. Teachers guide and shape the student and influence their learning in a large way. Thus, it is extremely important to help and support teachers.The ongoing pandemic has affected employment in the education sector. Because of the notion wide lockdown schools are shut and are facing financial problems. Many teachers are losing their jobs which in turn is also affecting the quality of learning for students. Project Reeii will create more jobs for people and also provide excellent qualified teachers to the students.

Supporting the girl child education


In India, girl education is one such issue which needs attention and support. Reeii wants to support and help this initiative with Reeii education. Educating the girl child alludes to each part of education that builds up the aptitude and knowledge of girls and ladies. This incorporates the overall education at universities, schools, proficient education, specialized and professional educations, well-being education, and so forth. The education of the ladies includes both literary and non-literary education. The education of the girl can bring financial changes. Democratic nations including India have a constitution that ensures equivalent rights to both ladies and men. Essential education is a key right. At the point when a girl is ensured through her privileges, society is guaranteed for its sustainability.Girls’ education goes past getting girls into school. It is likewise about guaranteeing that girls learn and have a sense of security while in school; total all degrees of education with the abilities to viably contend in the job market; become familiar with the socio-economic and fundamental abilities important to explore and adjust to an evolving world; settle on choices about their own lives, and add to their communities and the world. Reeii believes that girls’ education is a vital improvement need. Better taught ladies will, in general, be more beneficial, take part more in the conventional work, acquire higher livelihoods, raise their opinions and empower better human services and education for their kids, should be able to make their choice of becoming moms. Every one of these variables joined can help lift families, communities, countries out of poverty.

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