Co-curricular programs with Reeii

Co-curricular programs with Reeii

Reeii education is a non-profit initiative that aims to help schools in different areas across India. Schools in India lack the resources to provide quality education and a flourishing learning environment. There are many things that contribute to the education process of a child. Curricular and extracurricular activities both play an equal role in the development of a child. Often, parents overlook the significance of co-curricular activities which help in shaping a student’s mind. Reeii understands the importance of extracurricular activities in schools and has helped schools in arranging different co-curricular and cultural activities.

Cultural activities by Reeii

cultural programs by Reeii

Reeii tied up with various schools and helped them arrange different cultural programs. These programs increased the engagement of children and indulged them in a fun learning environment. The event was a success with different types of performances. We saw huge participation and excitement from students. Students gave performances in different languages and forms.

There were elocutions, dramas, dances, singing performances and cultural presentations. Students from pre-primary, primary and secondary schools were part of this function. Reeii helped the school in setting up the stage, mikes and other preparation for the function. Students wore different costumes and performed with all their heart. These cultural programs encourage students to showcase their talent and enjoy their school life. It brought extreme joy to parents to see their children performing, it increases their confidence in schools and they are even more motivated to send their kids to school.

Social Impact of these cultural functions 

With these performances, children were also being made aware of social problems or conditions of our society. The programme had performances on different social issues like girl education, clean environment, save water etc. This not only makes students more responsible but also spreads awareness. Especially, the schools situated in rural areas where such issues are of major concern. When parents and the communities see students spreading these issues, they become aware of the problems and address them. So, children enjoy and there is so much that they learnt from these cultural programs.

Moreover, students of schools who can’t afford to have cultural and social programs due to lack of resources, feel inferior to other students. The cultural function gave a breath of fresh air to students in between their academic curriculum. Reeii helped them with the tools and equipment required so that the students can have the best experience possible. As a result, we saw huge participation and enthusiasm from the students and parents. It created a happy and joyful environment in schools

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Teachers helped them in showcasing and honing their skills. It further developed the relationship between teacher and students. Students feel that they belong to the school. They put a great effort into rehearsals and performances. Teachers were also motivated as a student is a representation of school and teachers. There is a sense of proudness in them. We saw participation from both girls and boys. Usually, girls in rural areas do not get the chance to attend schools and be part of such programmes. Reeii encourages girls’ education, so the involvement of girls in cultural functions which represent schools gives out a strong message and spreads awareness.

cultural program by Reeii

Cultural organized by Reeii in schools got students closer to Indian culture and values. With plays and on various instances from Indian mythology and folk dances, students learn more about the regional culture with interest. Usually, students don’t engage or listen carefully but with such activities, it grabs their attention and they understand it more. This brought great joy to parents as well.

Importance of co-curricular activities in schools

Reeii believes that urging students to take an interest in cultural activities is the best method to instil character-related skills. These incorporate activities like dancing, singing, sports, and so on. Sadly, numerous guardians and students discover these activities as a waste of time and energy. Nonetheless, the fact of the matter is totally unique as cultural activities empower students to pick up confidence and comprehend their culture in a vastly improved manner. Reeii has also organized debate competitions in schools.

1. They disappear stage fear 

Stage fear is a typical issue looked at by numerous students and even grown-ups. In any case, schools can lessen this stage fear of students by urging them to partake in cultural activities. Getting free off stage fear is the initial move toward picking up confidence. Massive participation in the cultural activities by Reeii decreased their fear and gave them confidence.

2. Better academic execution 

The students who are associated with extra-curricular activities score higher in academics in view of their expanded confidence and high innovativeness level. Extra-curricular activities invigorate the brain of students and permit them to concentrate with more focus. In Reeii’s cultural program, Students acquired information about various fields,business and personalities. Education is a long-lasting cycle by which individuals learn better approaches for activity and thought. It empowers changes in conduct which target improving the human conditions. Education assumes an imperative job in presenting the culture of the society among the students. 

3. Improved understanding of time management

Students engaged with co-curricular activities learn the workmanship to adjust scholastic just as extracurricular activities at the same time. They figure out how to deal with their time so as to give suitable time to the two things. They pre-plan their timetable and this propensity benefits them for a mind-blowing duration. 

4. Learn new skills 

Students procure new skills through such activities that are valuable for their life. The students who were engaged with Reeii cultural activities learnt social skills, basic reasoning skills, collaboration and numerous different skills. This a better leadership skills and friend understanding. 

5. Awareness of others expectations 

At the point when a student is given the assignment to achieve, it builds up an awareness of others expectations in them. A student taking an interest in extracurricular activities has the obligation to convey it effectively. This makes the students more liable for the work relegated to them. 

6. Increment self-assurance 

At the point when students get involved in cultural activities, it gives a lift to their confidence. This confidence causes them to confront the external world all the more unquestionably. Besides, they face their scholastic difficulties in a greatly improved manner.

Such programs and activities develop school culture. We at Reeii believe that strong school culture is very important to create a sense of belonging in students. Consequently, it will keep them attached to schools and increase their engagement and interest in education.

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