Chess competitions in schools by Reeii

Chess competitions in schools by Reeii

There are various activities that contribute to the school life of students. We at Reeii believe that different co-curricular activities should take place on the campus so that there is the overall development of children during their school years. Sports is one such activity which develops a healthy environment in schools. Both indoor and outdoor sports are equally important during the growing up years of children. Schools should arrange various sports competitions for students. Many schools in India do not have the required resources to host such activities. So, through project Reeii we are helping the school organize different activities. One such activity that we arranged were chess competitions.

Importance of Indoor Sports

Indoor sports are not as encouraged as outdoor sports because many are not aware of the benefits of indoor sports. They have as many benefits as outdoor games. Reeii believes in the encouragement of all kinds of sports in schools. Indoor games sharpen children’s memory and conscious level. They help students to learn how to cope with stress and pressure. It teaches students to be calm even under pressure. Such life lessons will help them in real-life dilemmas in future.

We at Reeii understand the impact of indoor sports on students and so we wanted to encourage indoor games by organizing chess competitions in schools. Such competitions brought positivity in schools and motivated more and more students to enrol in schools.

Chess competition organized by Reeii

prize distribution at chess competition by Reeii

Chess is an indoor game played between two people. We helped schools in organizing sports competitions on campus. Indoor games are as important as outdoor games and chess is one such indoor game which develops the thinking capacity of brains. We assisted schools with equipment required for chess. The competition created excitement in students and a fun atmosphere in the school. Often, schools do not encourage games like chess in rural areas, our aim was to give students exposure to different sport activities. The motivation of competition excited students to learn the game and participate. The involvement of students was great and it created a healthy school culture. Students supported and cheered for their peers which creates a sense of belonging in students. 

Often, schools and parents overlook the importance of sports. Rarely, students are encouraged to play any kind of sports. We at Reeii understand the significance of games like chess and want to encourage schools to include such competitions. Arranging such activities reduces the stress for students and creates a happy environment in schools. If students are happy in schools there is a positive change in their academic performance as well.

Schools were happy with the way the chess competition turned out. Students competed to win prizes organised by Reeii. Students in underprivileged sections of our society should not feel inferior to their peers. With these chess competitions the aim was to give exposure to students to various activities that they can interest them. Through these competitions, many students could find their passion and pursue them in future. The chess competition arranged by Reeii also spread awareness in parents in encouraging students to do various things along with academics.  

Why should schools have chess competitions?

There are numerous benefits to having chess in schools. Chess is one such co-curricular program that strengthens the IQ of students. Some of the benefits which Reeii believes in and were the reason for organizing chess competitions are as follows

Chess shows you how to win and lose. 

Obviously everybody likes to win, however, it is only imperative to learn how to acknowledge losing. As the idiom says ‘ sometimes you give the lesson, and sometimes you get the lesson! More significantly, attempt to learn from those lessons and return back as a superior player. Similarly, as throughout everyday life, we have to get back up when defied with failure and return more grounded and more shrewd. Winning with grace is a significant character attribute that chess can show an individual. 

Chess competition by Reeii

Chess assists kids with understanding the consequence of their actions. 

The educational chess blast has been on a consistent ascent recently. More significant than these kids turning out to be extraordinary chess players or getting high ratings is that chess shows kids since the beginning that their decisions have consequences both great and terrible. Thoroughly considering your moves and attempting to play the best move that you can is fulfilling, while at the same time playing excessively fast, and surging your decisions can have negative repercussions. Our aim is to teach students these life lessons through chess competitions.

 Chess encourages you to focus. 

As Bobby Fischer stated, “Chess demands all-out concentration.” A chess player can make moves like a grandmaster for 30 moves and afterwards get diverted on move 31 and make an elementary blunder that loses the game! This serious focus is helpful in regular daily existence when stood up to with school tasks, day to day activities, and deadlines. 

 Chess is an extraordinary educational instrument for schools. 

Previously, during, and after-school programs are incredibly famous and for the right reasons. Chess is an easy action for youngsters to get engaged directly with their own school. Children of various ages, backgrounds, and unique needs would all be able to participate in these chess competitions arranged by Reeii. 

Chess creates critical thinking abilities. 

In each chess game, children are confronted with challenges and issues that one needs to understand so as to play their best game. Chess can assist students with intuition ahead, teach them not to surge decisions, and gauge the pluses and minuses of your decisions. This correlates to challenges we face in regular day to day existence, and similarly, as in chess, we attempt to settle on the most ideal decisions to create positive results for our lives. 

Chess exercises the two sides of the brain. 

When playing chess in the competition, their brains will be challenged to practice rationale, create design acknowledgement, settle on decisions both outwardly and diagnostically, and test their memory. Children of all the classes can play chess and it develops their mind and hone their skill of critical thinking.

Chess competitions encourage students to learn how to be calm under pressure. 

An intense game of chess where students have given everything, their time is coming up short. Despite everything they need to settle on critical decisions to bring the point home instructs them to resist the urge to panic under pressure. They are seriously focused, while simultaneously trying to avoid panicking with the goal that their brain can work to its most extreme. Students in their future will come across deadlines, presentations, meetings, and tests for an incredible duration, similarly as in a chess game, one needs to stay positive and calm to play out our best.

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