Reeii Education, An Initiative that Provides Smart Education to All


To make a progressive headway for 10,000 + schools by the end of 2020 and more beyond. With the dream of converting all the schools into a technologically and socially sound model one day, we are putting most of our efforts and hard work into this project.


Giving privilege to the schools and institutions to have a centrally verified system for felicitous monitoring and quality education distribution. Every year, we are expanding this noble cause to reach greater heights and changing the meaning of the Education system.


We believe that education is one thing that the world needs for leaving behind the evils of poverty and illiteracy. Your smallest contribution matters to aiding a school’s education facilities. Providing quality education and a developing platform for each and every student.

Make A Difference By Donating

Your contribution to project Reeii is an investment in the betterment of the future, availing disadvantaged and needy schools that have faced a major downfall during the times of the world-wide pandemic. When you provide to Reeii school programs, you grant the support and opportunities to these schools to come off better for tomorrow.

At Project Reeii, we believe that education is a weapon to amend one’s life. It is the most significant tool to transform the world into a better place.


The Incredible Journey of Reeii

Its been more than a decade, and there are more to come. Here is a brief display of the incredible journey we have traversed so far to uplift our goals


It’s all started

Scholarship opportunities to students in various schools and educational institutions.

The social initiative

SOCIAL Initiatives of SI aka Reeii Education were started.


Free Tablet Distribution

Reeii Education started ditributing free tablets to scholar students annualy.


10th anniversary of helping children

10th anniversary
of helping students and setting a new plan to establish smart classrooms in schools worldwide..


SmartClass Installation at Schools

Furthermore, we took the initiative of installing free smart classes in every classroom in schools and making headway for the modern teaching method.


1000+ Schools Onboarded

Reeii collaborated with 1,000+ schools, has been working continuously in reinforcing the education system and plans to reach out worldwide.

Contribute The Least Witness the Most

The reasons for donation at Reeii revolves around strengthening the education system and providing the best to each school as well as its educators and students.

How Do We Transform Schools

At Project Reeii, our main aim revolves around offering high technological programs for education, which are crucial for breaking the pattern of illiteracy.

School Automation Services

With years of research and hard work, we can ensure that the school automation services at Reeii were built by keeping a record of all the purposes that concern a school’s daily activities. The technical modules implanted into it helps in managing the routine tasks and gives productive output in return.

Smart Class Setup For Free

We ensure the best assortment of Smart Classroom Installation and Virtual Classroom tools to be introduced in every school under project Reeii. There are Interactive Whiteboards Projectors and practical teaching material for free which are proven way more powerful than conventional learning techniques.

Quality Teaching services

We have been hiring teachers from all around who are experts in their respective fields and can create a smart-class environment worthy content to match students’ abilities and interests. In order to make the best of teaching, we also promise an abundance of on-screen digital content including power points, video documentaries, and images.

Infrastructure Development

Under project Reeii, we have pledged to look out for the overall development of schools. Therefore, the infrastructure couldn’t be left behind. We aim to promote education for all and strengthen the infrastructure in all the schools that collaborate with us.