A charity towards a literal world

A charity towards a literal world

A charity towards the literal world

Education is both the expedient as well as the terminus to a better life. It potentiates an individual to earn his/her livelihood and the last stop because it increments one’s vigilance on a range of issues from healthcare to pleasing sociable deportment to understanding one’s rights – and in the process avail him/her to evolve as a better native.

Doubtless, education is the most powerful catalyst for friendly transformation. But child inculcation cannot be done in isolation. A child will be brought to school. Their development takes place in schools. Moreover, when an elder sibling is genuinely skilful to be employable and commences earning, the journey of potentiation perpetuates beyond the present generation.

Your consolidation is an investment in the future, availing disadvantaged kids to stay in school and upgrade their education When you donate to school’s educational programs, you provide the resources and opportunities children and youth need, from kindergarten through high school, and beyond.

Charity by Reeii

Education charity is one such sector that can bring wonders in our society. As we know, education is a strong pillar in the development of our nation. We at Reeii, believe in that and all the contributions are completely for the education and schools.

Charity by Reeii bring together people who care about the education of the students so that they can make a difference in their future lives. Charities by Reeii help in lots of different ways, but the main ways are by providing direct help to educate the students, equipping schools with technology, providing aid to schools, giving information, or raising awareness of an issue.

The money you donate helps the schools to better themselves and make student’s future bright. The extra amount of the donation is used to improve the conditions of the education provided in schools and infrastructure of the school.

How does your contribution avail kids with Reeii?

Reeii is simply a non-government organization that raise funds by spreading awareness about educating the students at various schools. When the schools are registered with the Reeii program, students of that school gain access to the implements they require to prosper, predicated on age, location, and their uniqu circumstances. Keeping adolescent children from falling behind early is critical to their academic prosperity. Providing funds and resources so that they could keep themselves on track so they can graduate from high school is the next vital step. With, Reeii education there is a HOPE for them to enhance their studies.

Listed below are the work that Reeii does for the charity:

Provides awareness to the people regarding the needs which are required at school so that the students could have things like uniforms, shoes, or books which help them to study. 

Awards annually, renewable scholarships to attend a vocational school, college or other higher education institutions

Provides awareness regarding the need for smart classes by the schools so that the students could be educated. We help the schools by raising funds for the same.

Provides awareness to the parents to ensure that their kids are enrolled in school

Partnering with existing educational facilities in the Reeii community. 

Educating parents by providing awareness on how to improve interactions with their kids at home

Creating resources in our community Reeii centres like computer labs and libraries, available to local students.

Why they need your help? 

India’s expenditure on education has aerially bypassed 3% of its GDP. Schools lack the expedient to provide quality education and infrastructure, resulting in children from economically well-off families studying in private schools and thus engendering a social divide between the affluent and poor

Educating a child in a private school is approximately nine times the cost of a regime school, including all indirect costs associated with schooling, such as books and convey. Only few children over india have acess to quality and technologicallu equipped education.

The number of enrollment in public schools at elementary level dropped from 65.3 million in 2011-12 to 58.6 million in 2016-17. Despite the higher cost of education, many parents believe that private schools offer better learning outcomes than their regime school counterparts.

Girls belonging to wealthy families (top 20 per cent) got an average of nine years of inculcation while those from poor families (bottom 20 per cent) got none at all. Girls from disadvantaged families might lose 50 per cent of their total years of inculcation. Girls risk being pressurized into early espousement, child labour, and bear the brunt of unpaid care work.

When it comes to inculcation, Reeii visually examines these results:

Increase in the secondary school completion: We quantify prosperity by identifying the per cent of sponsored Reeii graduates who have reached that milestone by age 24

Increase in school enrollment: Reeii wants to increase enrollment in schools by improving the conditions of the school.

Increase in the achievement of identified learning outcomes: By providing quality teaching, Reeii aims to improve the experience of learning.

Aid to schools: We will provide aids to schools which can be used to develop different areas like infrastructure, healthcare etc.

Develop and enforce a comprehensive, regulatory framework for private schools so they do not overcharge parents, accumulate undue fee or hike fee; this is consequential to ascertain inclusion of all sections of children in the edification system

Ascertain schools across the country are compliant with norms under the Right to Education Act (RTE)

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