Education Is A Present That The Society Owes To Itself

The smallest Contribution matters here

Education Is A Present That The Society Owes To Itself

The smallest Contribution matters here

The Smallest Contribution Forms An Educational Backbone

According to research, more than 99 million youngsters in India drop out of school at a very little age. This implies that 1 out of each 4 student doesn’t get appropriate essential education. About 32 students out of each 100 complete their fundamental training and education and a very less percentage of schools in India are able to offer full-fledged facilities from class I to class XII. While government-funded schools need more assets and foundation, the ever-expanding cost of private schools keeps most students from accepting appropriate education.
Moreover, according to our reports, during these hapless time of the pandemic, we have come across more than a vast number of schools where the teachers are not able to get sufficient salaries and adapting the lowest alternatives to work and earn money. With almost no availability of teachers, resources, and students, the schools are in a helpless condition.

We, at Reeii, believe that the right to education is made for each and every student in the country, and ultimately all over the world. The idea at Reeii starts with a regular giving and non-profit project where we plan to convert the traditional classrooms into smart classrooms. The installation cost of these smart classes at Reeii is less than any smart class installation ever known; Rupees 1. With each Reeii smart class, we have focused on the technological advancement that includes top-quality smart class hardware.

The aim at Reeii is to develop this project throughout India and make each and every student educated and trained. Hence, our free education system does not restrict itself to the big cities but also the backward regions and modify the schools overall through these smart classes.

However, in this regular giving program, your smallest contribution would ensure education, infrastructure, and a privileged right to all the teachers and students. The definition of children at Reeii is not only limited to the backward and city residential students, but also students who are disabled, and children with limited resources and no access to education.

What Happens When You Donate?

Your donation at Reeii encourages us to get ready for long pull campaigns and plans. There is a critical requirement for donations in schools we work with, as they specifically need assistance consistently. Your ordinary giving permits us to actualize significant projects which will bring a generous change in thousands of lives.

When You Contribute For Schools

  • You are supporting a kid’s dream when you are contributing to school as well as the medicinal services and insurance, and prosperity of the network available in the school.
  • You are helping the teachers as well as the students to go to class and promoting smart education even in the backward areas.
    You are likewise helping construct open doors for the kid’s family to have a supportable wellspring of business and pay.

Ways to Donate

At Reeii, there are several alternatives for you to donate.

Donate for a good cause

What do you get in return?

At Reeii, We ensure that you directly stay connected with your Donee. Hence, we provide you 100% Authenticity of your Donation.


Note of thanks from teachers and children

A video including a note of thanks from the teacher and students you have helped.


Your mention in each smart classroom

Your name will be mentioned in each smart class room that you will donate for


Welcoming Kit

Includes the details about Reeii smart class schools you are donating for.


Annual Report

A yearly report that narrates about every event and work done in  Reeii smart class schools.


A Monthly Newsletter

A monthly newsletter that will be dropped in your email inbox regarding initiatives of Reeii.


Project Visits

Frequent visit to the projects come to school under which your donation takes place.

How is your
money spent?

The donations we received from you get utilized to bolster the school infrastructure and activities on the ground. At Reeii, we ensure that the funds we raise are utilized to fortify the supportive networks that assist us with checking and assess the smart classroom tools and activities. Furthermore, your contributions also help us to activate assets and assurance long haul backing to these projects.

  • of the donations we receive are used in to strengthen these initiatives on the ground.
  • of the donations we raise are used to strengthen the support systems that help us monitor and evaluate these initiatives.
  • of the funds we raise are used for activities that help us to mobilise resources and guarantee long-term support to these initiatives.

Education is the way to everything that is acceptable in our present reality. Advances in technology, data innovation, math, medication, brain science, designing, and each other order would be unthinkable if education didn’t assist us with expanding on the advances of the incredible personalities that preceded us.

What Do We Do


Reeii education aims to revolutionise the education system. Bring changes in the education system which will be for the betterment of students and improve the quality of education for them. We at Reeii believe that everyone should have access to education as it will make their future. So with Reeii education, we want to support and provide resources which are causing a hindrance for students to access quality education.

Donation at Reeii leads towards working for schools that have faced a hard time due to the world-wide pandemic and thus, improving the overall socio-economic status of the society. Education charities make learning feasible for students all things considered, from their pre-school to the future. We additionally offer other instructive types of assistance and openings that help make schools more successful and more available to students.

Methods of payment

Card payments – Acceptance donation through debit or credit card could be possible. The method of paying by debit or credit card to these schools is exactly the same as you make your normal transactions by the cards.

Bank transfer – Bank transfer is another efficient option in the process. You can transfer money directly to bank accounts which be benefitting the schools. It could be done online.

Cheque – Donations could take place through cheques also. You have to simply draw a cheque of your account number and fill the cheque by writing the concerned account number and the amount to be paid. Then simply submit it to the bank and your transaction will be successful.

We keep your trust

We at Reeii work and research thoroughly to ensure that we provide the best to the schools. Our aim is to enhance the quality of education. With your help, we want to make sure that no student in India is deprived of good education and no student has to compromise on having a better life and future. Together, we can accomplish something other than just getting students in the schools — we can enable them for a more promising time to come.

Equipped with proficiency and fundamental abilities, they can develop into grown-ups who win higher wages, teach their own kids, and have a voice in their community. We want to provide the best gift to students, the present of education. The gift that will change their lives, improve their standard of living, support the nation, help them get out of difficult times, and help them build a happy future.

About Us

Education, being one of the most fundamental ideas in life is a significant form of opportunity for each student. At project Reeii, which goes under the brand name of SI telecom, we mean to satisfy this deep-rooted necessity at an individual level and extend it everywhere throughout the classrooms in the nation. We accept that the amalgamation of instruction with innovation can give another definition and name to the education and training framework. The fundamental target at SI is to construct first-rate, great equipment for Installing and using free Reeii Smart Classrooms which will give countrywide essential enlightening guidance

Goals And Visions

The goal at Reeii is simple, that is to provide education to each and every student throughout the country. We aim to deliver education and pace up with the modern-day technology to feed the ability and interests of students.
With the dream of converting 10,000 schools into Reeii smart class schools one day, we are putting most of our efforts and hard work into the project Reeii.