Reordering of words and sentences: Class 12 NCERT English

Key Highlights of NCERT Material for Class 12 English Language –Reordering of words and sentences 

In this English Grammer session, you all will learn about Reordering of words and sentences and to use order of words.

Patch up the words to make an important sentence: 


A . I didn’t know anybody anyway many were there. 

B .There were numerous I not realize anybody anyway did. 

C .Many were there anyway I didn’t know anybody. 

D .For any situation, I didn’t realize anybody were numerous there. 


The essential solicitation of words in a basic sentence is: subject (S) + action word (V) + object (O). 

A sentence may not contain an article, contingent upon the action word. Transitive action words like ‘appear’, ‘kick the container, etc don’t require objects. 

To this principal structure, various parts can be included. For instance, thing phrases, modifier phrases, subject enhancements, kinds of provisions, and so forth. 

A compound sentence is made of two explanations, each having its own SVO structure. Consequently the essential structure of such a sentence is: SVO + combination + SVO. 

Choice C: The structure in this sentence adjusts to the major structure: 

S (Many) + V (were) + modifier (there) + combination (nonetheless) + S (I) + V(did not know) + object (anybody) 

Hence C is right. 

Choice A: The sentence formed isn’t actually important. It is right linguistically, anyway the combination ‘yet’ doesn’t outline the fundamental differentiation. 

Choices B and D: In both these choices, the solicitation is a knot of words which don’t outline a sound significance. 

Hereafter alternatives A, B and D are mistaken.

Next we will learn about Composing a dialogue based on a given input, in the next session.

(Reordering of words and sentences: Class 12)

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