Limits and Derivatives: Class 11 Mathematics NCERT Chapter 13

Key Features of NCERT Material for Class 11 Maths Chapter 13 – Limits and Derivatives

 In the last chapter 12, you learned about Introduction to three dimentional Geometry. In this chapter you will learn about Limits and Derivatives and how to use those.

Quick revision notes


Let x’s function be y = f(x). In the event that at x = a, f(x) takes vague structure, at that point we consider the estimations of the capacity which is exceptionally close to a. On the off chance that these worth keep an eye on an unequivocal novel number as x tends to a, at that point the special number so got is known as the limit of f(x) at x = a and we compose it as


Left Hand and Right-Hand Limits

On the off chance that estimations of the value at the point which are close to an on the left watches out for a clear extraordinary number as x tends to a, at that point the interesting number so got is known as the left-hand limit of f(x) at x = a, we compose it as

Existence of Limit


Some Properties of Limits

Let  and exists for both functions f and g, then


Some Standard Limits



Suppose f is a real-valued function, then


Fundamental Derivative Rules of Function

Let the derivatives of functions f and g are defined in a common domain, then



Some Standard Derivatives


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