Democracy and Diversity: Class 10 Civics NCERT Chapter 3

Key Features of NCERT Material for Class 10 Civics Chapter 3– Democracy and Diversity

In the last chapter 2: Federalism, you learned about that Federalism is a course of action of government where power is apportioned between a central position and distinctive constituent units of the country. In this chapter: Democracy and Diversity you will learn about different diversities and how democracy works in India.

(Democracy and Diversity: Class 10)

A Story from Mexico Olympics 

During the Medal Ceremony of the 200 meters race held in 1968 Olympics at Mexico City, two African-American contenders, Tommie Smith and John Carlos lifted a dim gloved grasp hand during the US playing a national tune of commitment. They had won the gold and bronze honors independently. With this movement, they endeavored to make global notification racial segregation in the United States. The dull gloved and lifted got a handle on hold hands were proposed to speak to Black Power. The photographs that showed up underneath outline a critical milestone throughout the entire existence of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. 

(Democracy and Diversity: Class 10)

Lively correction notes 

  1. We saw how the power could be passed on to oblige phonetic and common assorted varieties. 
  2. People in like manner recognize them dependent on their physical appearance, class, religion, sexual orientation, position, groups, and so on. 
  3. In this part, we will focus on how majority rule government responds to socials differentiation, divisions, and differences. 
  4. We, by then, go to how these social decent varieties impact equitable legislative issues impacts and. 

A Story from Mexico Olympics 

  1. The story depicts a critical milestone throughout the entire existence of the CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT IN THE UNITED STATES. 
  2. The two men staying with got a handle on grasp hands upraised and head bowed are the US contenders, Tommie Smith, and John Carlos. 
  3. The International Olympics Association held Carlos and Smith accountable of mishandling the Olympic soul by offering a political articulation. 
  4. Their honors were recovered. 
  5. Back home, they were presented to a huge amount of examination even Norman had furthermore persevered through a lot, and he was prohibited from the accompanying Olympics. 
  6. However, their action got thought for the Civil Rights Movements in the US. 

Contrasts, similarities, divisions 

  1. The contenders above were responding to social divisions and social incongruities. 
  2. Social assorted variety can take various structures in various social requests. 

Origin of social contrasts 

  1. These social agreements are for the most part established on an incident of birth. 
  2. We don’t choose to have a spot with our area. 
  3. Regardless, a wide scope of social contrasts isn’t established on first experience with the world. 
  4. A segment of the qualifications relies upon our choices. 
  5. For example, a couple of individuals are nonbelievers. They don’t have confidence in God or any religion. 
  6. Every social qualification doesn’t quick social divisions. 
  7. In the cases above, Carlos and Smith were near in one route and, as such, special concerning Norman, who was white. 
  8. In any case, they were moreover all similar in another way – they were all contenders who stayed against racial separation. 
  9. Overall, we have more than one character and can have a spot with more than one social get-together. 
  10. We have various characters in various settings. 

Covering and cross-cutting contrasts 

  1. Social division happens when some social contrasts spread with various contrasts. 
  2. In the US, in light of the fact that the blacks will, all in all, be needy individuals, devastated, and exploited. 
  3. In our nation, Dalits will, when all is said in done, be hopeless and landless. 
  4. They routinely face separation and treachery. 
  5. The social event that shares a common eagerness on one issue is likely going to be on various themes. 
  6. Covering social contrasts make possibilities of significant social divisions and weights. 
  7. Cross – cutting social contrasts are less difficult to oblige. 

Legislative issues of social divisions 

  1. From the beginning sight, most likely, the mix of legislative issues and social divisions is unsafe and insecure. 
  2. Political get-togethers can make social divisions into political divisions and lead to battle, violence, or even a nation’s disintegrating. 
  3. This has happened in various countries. 

Extent of results 

  1. Northern Ireland of the United Kingdom has been for quite a while the site of a horrible and terrible ethnic – political conflicts. 
  2. Such a model leads a couple of individuals to gather that legislative issues and social divisions must not be allowed to mix. 
  3. Nevertheless, if social divisions exist in a nation, they ought to never be imparted in legislative issues. 
  4. At the same time each outpouring of social divisions in legislative issues doesn’t incite such catastrophes. 
  5. In the majority rule government, it is typical for political social events to talk about these divisions and make numerous promises to various systems. 
  6. Social divisions impact projecting a voting form in numerous countries. 
  7. In various nations, there are parties that consideration just on one framework. 

Three determinants 

  1. Three components are vital in picking the aftereffect of legislative issues of social divisions. 
  2. In particular, the result depends upon how people see their characters. 
  3. Second, it depends upon how political pioneers raise the solicitations of any system. 
  4. Third, it expands upon how the organization reacts to the requests of various gatherings. 
  5. As such, the confirmation of social decent varieties in a nation need not be seen as a wellspring of danger. 
  6. Explanation of various kinds of social divisions in legislative issues routinely achieves their counterbalancing one another and, thusly, decreasing their capacity. 
  7. People who feel thought little of, denied, and isolated need to fight against the despicable demonstrations. 
  8. Now and again social contrasts can show up as an inadmissible level of social irregularity and inappropriate behavior. 
  9. History shows that majority rules system is the perfect way to deal with fight for affirmation and to oblige assorted variety.


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