Creating Digital Content For Teaching

1. A Guide To Content Creation At Reeii Smart Classes

A smart classroom is where the concept of technology and learning is gaining pace together. The Reeii smart classrooms are proved to be highly technologically enhanced that enable teaching and learning opportunities like never before! Learning with us is fun when every subject has unlimited interesting multimedia content, and the Reeii smart classes are doing exactly that by making the student’s most boring subject palatable. By building a no-cost digital learning technology in each school across the world, we desire to equip each smart class with specialized software, assistive listening devices, and audio/visual capabilities.  

The term ‘Content Creation’ holds significance while adopting a productive method of teaching through smart classes. It has been used to define a vast number of aspects, covering a large number of social media and web creation. Content curation in real defines a larger term than just social sharing and can help you exceed exceptionally well when it comes to the field of teaching, where your main aim revolves around imparting knowledge. Content creation at Reeii is directly connected to academic learning and understanding, hence, it could be done as a process of sorting through the vast amounts of content that we provide with our vast variety of multimedia content from the web for the teachers to present it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme. 


Content Curation Through A Single Click

At Reeii, you are not required to start all over again with the new installation of smart classrooms. Instead, teachers can easily make suitable notes by clicking pictures of their old notes and textbooks and combining them into a PowerPoint presentation. However, it is important that the teacher sets a strategic plan for curating each lesson. For example, planning a comprehensive structure for the introductory part, the body of the chapter, and the conclusion. While it is not a task that needs hours of your time, but it is still necessary to spend some moments working on the process. Ultimately, the lessons you prepare for your Reeii smart class lectures should be continually revisited and frequently modified to stay updated with the current and relevant changes in the chapter.


Vast Multimedia For Reference

We understand that at school level teaching method, the lecture curation process will require organization and training at multiple levels from district-level to school-level personnel. Hence, the teacher must throw light on different aspects of the curation process. The focus must be on specific subject areas, grade levels, or even instructional strategies. We also lend a hand on observing how the different resources are being utilized to facilitate teaching and learning through Reeii smart classes. The video library at Reeii provides the teachers with a lot of resources to reach and take reference from. Moreover, unlimited images from the internet could be the best source of visual learning.

Outline The Logistics Of When, Where, And How

With an upper hand in providing you with unlimited visual content, at Reeii, we suggest you see the logistics while you teach; when, where and how. As to provide the best lessons, the teachers may need to follow a predictable arrangement of techniques asking and answering when, where, or how they will be clergyman content. With so much already being present as your reference, this tip may work likewise an extra gear or assets for curation that should be made accessible. At last, it is very important to create explicit structures or formats for recording the coordinations for how each group will finish its allocated undertakings in a concept.

2. PowerPoint Presentation: Effective Teaching


Microsoft PowerPoint is a great display software that has altered the method people present concepts and knowledge to an audience. With simply a few ticks and keystrokes, one can add graphics, writing, audio, video, and animation to a slide. Customized presentations can be collected and transformed as required and practiced again as demands arise. If time, nature, or availability is a circumstance, PowerPoint has specific benefits over conventional visual support.


Educational Setting Advantages

In the Reeii Smart classroom, PowerPoint’s capacity to combine sound, animation, and video in a slide show can arrest the concentration of media and video-savvy learners. Lines in a PowerPoint is more comfortable to see than words written on aboard. Professors can have higher versatility in impersonating teachings, which can be practiced frequently and changed as required to distinct classes. During parents’ night, educators can design PowerPoint presentations to keep parents up-to-date with student tasks. Interactive book records generated by students help bring their book descriptions to life.


Time-Saving and Easy to Use

If one has to create a slide presentation with traditional aids like chalkboards, or hand-drawn illustrations, it would become out to be time-consuming. PowerPoints are thus user-friendly and can create slides in the quick method for those who might not be creatively-inclined. The people who might not have still thought of using visual aids in the past could also benefit from this. Specially-designed templates also conserve time by giving the original “bones” of the slide show. Easily add lines, graphics, information, or reports, and the PowerPoint presentation will be ready all together. 

Dissemination of Information

PowerPoint can build a contributional story of your slide presentation. Your print choices are full-size slides or many pages on a page. This enables the students to preserve a hard copy of your data and appeal upon it for future evidence. The PowerPoint presentation can also be forwarded electronically through email for network users who favor having a study on their hard drive. PowerPoint presentations can be formulated as a collaborative attempt by email with studying and mixing capabilities. Team members can control slide shows and later email their changes back to the author of the PowerPoint project who can later mix any adjustments with the primary presentation.

3. Why Do Schools Need Reeii Smart Classroom?

Apart from providing smart class education at no cost, Project Reeii largely focuses on all the other aspects of smart classroom teaching. The wide variety of advancements we provide are exceptionally well and unique within themselves for teachers as well as students present in a smart classroom.


Interactive Display

Interactive displays are used to showcase dynamic interactive multi-media content on a whiteboard that could turn into a screen with a single click of a remote. The system generally at Reeii, can adapt to any flat surface and make it interactive. The high-quality display with full proof sound makes the learning sessions more efficient and understanding. 

Animated Modules and Videos

In today’s classrooms, the students are getting smarter than the processes of teaching, as almost all of them have passage to an alternative origin of knowledge like the Internet. So, in the Reeii smart classroom, to keep up with this tech-savvy generation, the attention is grabbed by presenting animated media, such as videos, photographs, and audios about the exercise in hand. This not only improves the aesthetics of education but also encourages students to remember and to visualize concepts in their minds, making them easier to learn.


Curated Educational Material For Teacher

School administrators who collaborate with Reeii smart classes do not have to limit their learning resources to the internet, instead of the talk about using the internet for teaching content. At project Reeii, we have an abundance of videos and images to choose and teach from. The internet content is frequently updated on our end and filters out anything irrelevant material for classroom purposes.

A Teacher’s Assistant App

In most traditional scenarios, the teachers had to work manually for teaching through the conventional method. But in the Reeii smart classes, we assure the teachers to find a confidant in Reeii. Reeii has numerous in-built learning tools and AI-based features that help teachers prepare for lessons and teach concepts effectively.


Remote Classroom Access

Absenteeism in class is a natural occurrence. Whether it is the flu, fever, or a family holiday. Now, students in Reeii smart classrooms won’t abstain from a day of education. Thanks to the Reeii Smart classes that enable access to a class that has been taken before. With the permission of the teacher, the student can be provided with the study material that he was not able to learn earlier. 

Lesson-Plan Creation

A teacher can take a break from the meticulous method of lesson preparation. They can create teaching plans on the go! One needs to only go through the resources already available at Reeii and Voila! A lesson plan for a particular session is available. Teachers can now concentrate on education.


Save Class Option

 In case a teacher observes that the class is deserving of keeping for a future recommendation or to move on to students for review, they have the option of doing so. The entire session of each lesson could be saved and could be used to teach or revise later. 

Collaborative Learning

In a Reeii smart classroom, with highly defined tools and products, collaboration within a class becomes very easy. Teachers and students can come and collaborate on the interactive display, which has several productive features or pushes their thoughts and doubts on to the whiteboard come on-screen display for everyone in the class to see.


4. Quick General Tips For Smart Class Teaching


Warm-up sessions

A decent beginning can affect how students handle the exercises. It is acceptable to begin it off with a warm-up meeting. One of the normally followed exercises is thinking of certain points related to what was teachers in the past classes. Students can effectively discover the slip-ups in it in a community-oriented way. 


Light movements

To improve their concentration and consideration, cause them to include in light developments either in the first place or in the exercise if you see them getting drowsy. The exercises can be fluctuated by the class you are attending. It very well may be hand-applauding, musical finger-snapping, cross creeps, or a light walk. 


Quick writes

At the point when you finish a specific subject, you can request that they give a snappy compose of what you educated them. It can incorporate significant focuses canvassed in the theme and their judgment or end in regards to some dubious zones. This is a decent method to keep students connected with the exercises. 


Encourage Questions

Teachers must build up a propensity for posing questions in the middle of their lessons. Furthermore, give students an open stage to bring up certain issues or questions concerning what was educated. This makes the study hall meetings more intelligent. This additionally encourages them to comprehend the exercises better.  


Mix teaching styles

Following a similar teaching method or style in each class makes fatigue among students and they gradually begin losing the intrigue. So it is smarter to blend the showing styles regularly and students would have a superior learning experience. Alternately approach various subjects and consider the interests of the students as well.



This is probably the most ideal approach to instruct kids as they would consistently love to have a ‘learn with fun’ experience. Games, for example, instruction bingo and bleep can be incorporated to upgrade their memory. Their jargon can be improved with jargon games, for example, ‘sentence race’.


Group works

Learning in groups is similarly significant as self-learning as students can be prepared to think in gatherings and improve their collective choice creation. Group tasks can be given on occasion when they can share their thoughts and work out a venture. They can draw out their select thoughts while tolerating or considering others’ thoughts as well.


Video sessions

Video lectures are a decent alternative to catch understudy’s eye and core interest. The visual components are prepared quicker by the cerebrum and this can have a noteworthy effect on their comprehension of the point. While PPTs are important, Videos have their role to play.


Associate with Reality

Students would think that it’s fascinating if teachers can interface the subject that is being educated to occurrences, all things considered. This additionally encourages them to relate the subject better and increase superior comprehension. 


Activity learning

Causing the students to sit inertly all through the homeroom meetings can be truly exhausting for them. Teachers can use the study hall space and connect with them in some action figuring out how to recapture their advantage. Bouncing the line, emulate or sports exhibition can be attempted sometimes to make students dynamic and locks in.


Quizzes and polls

When a point is secured, tests can be led by partitioning class into gatherings. This movement isn’t just captivating yet besides one of the unconstrained approaches to evaluate their comprehension. Surveys can likewise be led to get their input on the exercises, which is another choice to breathe easy.


Education apps

Getting some innovation to the study hall can remove the fatigue and make the students locks in. With the wide utilization of mobiles, instruction applications are presently turning into an inescapable apparatus in the present study hall. With puzzle, you can draw in them with video meetings and Motion Math application lets you show troublesome numerical issues through games.


5. Unlimited Digital Content To Teach From At Reeii

For those teachers who would want the benefits of a custom digital library without the burden of creating it, Reeii has collectively created a viable alternative. It jumps from the usual time-consuming step—content making. Those who want to go this path will find no deficiency of teaching materials. we ensured creating an in-house library of digital content for teachers to teach from, there is this fact lying behind that for each lecture, teachers would need to prepare their lectures accordingly.  

With the availability of our vast teaching resources, almost every student can learn anything from their course and syllabus. The material is specifically prominent for visual, and audio content present at Reeii ‘s massive content library. There are thousands of resources, so it can make a point for teachers to withdraw from reinventing or reinvesting the wheel and just use what’s out here with us.

6. Conclusion

Schools over the world are doing the change to turn their classrooms into smart classrooms. While doing so, one of the most well-known approaches to do this is for teachers to make content themselves. It’s clear why prominent institutes all over the world are setting establishments that start along with these small steps and later turn their education method into a digitalized one. Numerous teachers, as they gain an understanding of digitalized classes begin to make their very own “digitalized portfolios” of exercise content. Teachers, in the long run, find a strategy for showing any given subject that “works for them,” and they sharpen this technique after some time, making supporting content to teach from in the classrooms. It’s then simpler to just digitize this approach with the goal that it very well may be reused instead of working around whatever reading material or traditional materials are given in a given year.

In the present world, it has become a basic need to give quality training to each kid by stimulating his abilities with the assistance of the most recent innovations. The degree of instruction has been improved to the following level by presenting shrewd study halls in the present training framework. Rather than removing the students from training, Reeii Smart classes have given them new open doors in the current arrangement of customary study halls. We are here for each one of those youthful buds holding on to bloom, for the school rise above traditional standards of academic information and stretch out itself to the field of understanding and the formation of a multi-dimensional viewpoint.  The goal at Reeii is simple, to lead a path towards lighting up all knowledge cuboids; schools by providing them with a massive platform to get educated and collaborate seamlessly.

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