Building, Paintings, and Books: Class 6 History NCERT Chapter 12

The key features of NCERT material for Class 6 History Chapter 12: Building, Paintings, and Books

 In the previous chapter, New Empires and Kingdoms of NCERT Book History Class 6, we got to learn about Samudragupta’s prashasti, Genealogies, Harshavardhana and the Harshacharita, and many more interesting facts. In chapter 11 of History class 6 NCERT book: Building, Paintings, and Books, we will learn about advancements in the field of metallurgy, the skills required in building, paintings stupas, temples and the various books written in the past.

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Writing Books

During this period, stories were made and gathered. Legends are amazing and long pieces about the courageous men, ladies and God.

Building Temples

During this period, numerous temples for gods, for example, Vishnu, Shiva, and Durga were made.

Building Temples class 6 History

Iron Pillar in Delhi

The Iron Pillar at Mehrauli in Delhi is the best case of the expertise of Indian craftspersons. It is 1500 years of age. Till today, the iron pillar has not rusted.


Ajanta is a renowned spot for a few caves and religious communities with artistic creations. Artworks were drawn inside collapses the light of lights. All compositions are 1500 years of age and the craftsmen are obscure.

Ajanta Paintings: Class 6 History


An artist Ilango made the Silappadikaram, a Tamil epic, around 1800 years back. The Silappadikaram is about the merchant and his wife, Kannagi. This epic notices about the episode that occurred in Madurai.

Works of Kalidasa

During this period, Kalidasa contributed a ton to Sanskrit writing. Malavikagnimitra, Abhigyan Shakuntalam, Vikramorvasiya, Raghuvansham and Kumarasambhava were a portion of the famous works of Kalidasa.

Kalidasa writings: Class 6 history

Composing Puranas

Purana signifies ‘old’. Numerous Puranas, for example, the Mahabharata and Ramayana were composed during this period. The Puranas contain anecdotes about Gods and goddesses, for example, Vishnu, Shiva, Durga, Parvati.


Stupa signifies ‘mound’. The regular highlights of the stupa are round, tall, of all shapes and sizes. At the middle of a stupa, there is a little box known as a relic coffin, which contains remains of a body, for example, teeth, bone and ashes.

Stupa: Class 6 History

Books on Science

During this period, Aryabhatta, a mathematician and an astronomer, composed a book of science, “Aryabhatiyam”. He likewise built up a scientific explanation for eclipses. The digit ‘Zero’ was invented in India during this period only.


Madurai is one of the urban areas in Tamil Nadu known for its temples. In this city, Tamil Sangam (Assembly) rose and contributed for the advancement of Tamil literature and it was the first Sangam get together in the grouping of the three Sangams.

Madurai: Class 6 History

The Great Stupa

It is situated at Sanchi in Madhya Pradesh. It goes back to the time of Ashoka and is the best engineering proof for Buddhist history.

Solid Temples

Monolithic Temples are the temples that were made out of an enormous single stone. These temples can be seen in Mahabalipuram close to Chennai city in Tamil Nadu.

The well known Iron Pillar at Mehrauli in Delhi is a striking case of the expertise and speciality of the Indian artworks individuals.

The column was made around 1500 years back.

The structures, for example, stupas and temples additionally show the aptitude of nation’s specialities people. These temples were made of bricks and stone.

The extraordinary stupa at Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh, was worked more than a few centuries.

Amaravati was likewise a spot where a magnificent stupa once existed.

Some best stone temples were worked in towns like Mahabalipuram and Aihole.

Building stupas and temples was a costly undertaking. In this way, just Kings and their queens chose to assemble them. They went through cash from their treasury to pay the artworks individuals who attempted to fabricate these amazing structures.

The artistic creations of Ajanta are worldwide famous. This is where several caves were dug out of the hills over hundreds of years. A large portion of these were monasteries and some of them were brightened with works of art.

Some most popular stories were composed during this period. For instance—the Silappadikaram and the Manimekalai. These were Tamil legends composed by llango and Sattanar separately.


Epic writers like Kalidasa who wrote in Sanskrit. His most popular poem is Meghaduta.

The Puranas which have religious stories in it were likewise composed during this time. These were written in basic Sanskrit section and were intended to be heard by everyone including ladies and Shudras.

The Mahabharata and Ramayana, which are epics in Sanskrit had been famous for quite a while.

The Mahabharata and Ramayana

The Mahabharata is about a war battled between the Kauravas and Pandavas, who were cousins.

The Ramayana is about Rama, who was the ruler of Kosala however was sent into banish for a long time.

The stories told by normal individuals were the assortments of Jatakas

During this period the books on science were composed. Aryabhatta, a mathematician and cosmologist composed a book in Sanskrit called Aryabhatiyam. Moreover, he expressed that by the movement of the earth on its axis day and night comes into action. He likewise built up a logical clarification for eclipses.


It is a great, long arrangement of brave people and incorporates tales about divine beings.


It is the sanctum sanctorum, the innermost sanctuary of a Hindu and Jain temples where resides the murti (idol or icon) of the primary deity of the temple


Ordinary citizens were telling the story


Mandapa in Indian architect for Hindu temple architecture is a pillared hall or pavilion for the public rituals


It is a skills/art of laying on colours.

Ancient Paintings : History Class 6


It means old. The Puranas contained tales about Hindu divine beings (god) and goddesses.


It is a word that implies a dome-shaped building. It is the architecture of Buddhism.


It is a religious spot for the Hindus to worship.


It is the tower/peak of a temple.

2300 years back – starting of Stupa building

2000 years back – Amaravati

1600 years back – Kalidasa

1500 years back – Iron pillar, Temple at Bhitragaon, Paintings of Ajanta and Aryabhatta

1400 years back – Durga Temple



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